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Capital one business analyst interview reddit

I come from a non-target school. Very excited for this opportunity. It took a lot of determination to even be considered to apply for the program. I cold emailed and someone Hi Guys, I would deeply appreciate it if you could give me an inside scoop on Capital One "what's in your pocket?

Thanks in advance. Capital One I've been invited to the final round of interviews in Richmond, Va. I have not had a formal interview with the company yet, but I got a reference from someone that worked there, and apparently did pretty well on an online assessment they gave me. With Capital One paying very well out of undergrad, and having offices outside of DC so cheaper cost of livi Hello, I just took the Capital One online assessment tests and the numeric test was hard not hard in the sense of the math but the allotted time, so I wasn't done!

I know they said you can still pass even if ure not done, but do you guys know how the Hey guys, deleted this deleted this deleted this deleted this deleted this deleted this deleted this deleted this deleted this deleted this deleted this deleted this deleted this deleted this deleted this deleted this deleted this deleted this Thanks!

Hi everyone! Any suggestions on what kind of questions I can expect during the interviews?

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I am currently in the trenches at Capital One Auto Finance managing a group of 16 risk associates collectors on bad car loans. While CapitalOne was just named one of the top 10 places to find leaders, I have been struggling with the prospect of shorting Hi all, So I have an upcoming final round interview with Capital One 's FRP and I was wondering if anyone who has recently gone through the process could shed some light on their experiences.

What were the interviews like specifically the casesan Any one have any ideas about it? I can't seem to find anything on here about it, just the business analyst program. Exit ops? I am an international MBA graduating from a top school this year.

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The compensation offered by Capital One is significantly lower not leas It is straight out of college, 1. Bank is rapidly expanding and I've never owned a credit card, and will be starting FT next summer. Given that I have zero credit never thought to use a credit cardwhat are peoples' thoughts on the best card to get right now, and the best way to maneuver into a better car Hey guys, I have been lurking on here for a while, and this is my first post.

capital one business analyst interview reddit

I have two internship offers this fall couldn't find anything spectacular. I really can't decide which one would be more beneficial or rewar Have offers from both and have to decide very soon.

I am currently reviewing my offers and have eliminated my options to Capital One 's Finance Rotation program and Deloitte 's Business Technology Analyst program. I am an economics major and have more of a finance background than technology. I'm having a lot of trouble coming to a decision about where I want to work next year. I could really use some help assessing my two options. Short Background on the offers: I i Hi guys I have my final offers now and am choosing between 2.

One is a business analyst role for Capital One in dc. The other option is working for a medium sized market making prop shop in nyc.I come from a non-target school. Very excited for this opportunity. It took a lot of determination to even be considered to apply for the program. I cold emailed and someone got through. I passed the online exam and now have a case interview coming up. I have been reading up on the Cap One BA program on this site and seems like a lot of people already got offers and had their final rounds.

I hope they still have open spots since im being interviewed late compared to others. That might also be due to the fact that I am from a non target. I was wondering if their is any advice on how to handle the case and how many rounds of interviews everyone had? The cases are very numerical not at all like management consulting casesin my opinion way easier.

Basically, just think out loud and the interviewer will help you along the way. Practice the case they put on the website, it should be pretty similar. The case I had was about a ferry operation in Sydney. Quite simple really. Had to figure our what was driving demand for the ferry company.

Interviews at Capital One

It was easy to see they were charging too high of a price. Then I was given different estimates for sales growth if prices were lowered by different amounts. From there it was just a matter of calculating which was most profitable.

The math was super easy, nothing more than adding and coming up with but not solving a basic algebraic equation for the breakeven. Capital One seems to be obsessed with breakeven equations. Several friends interviewed at the same time as me and all had to calculate a breakeven.

Visit the Capital One website to learn more about the interview process and the case interview. It's actually better than pretty much any consulting compensation package. Base, annual bonus, and especially signing bonus I can think of several, if not all, of the top tier consulting shops who have lower comp than the cap one business analyst position.

Read more about the interview process in another thread on WSO. Subscribe to our extensive list of finance jobs! Free one month subscription to the job board if you fill out a WSO Applicant Profile by clicking here. WSO Job Board.Sandra Plamondon notched a position at Capital One. Courtesy photo. When Sandra Plamondon was in high school, she was drawn the the increasingly important area of environmental sustainability.

She dreamed of combining business and environmental issues by working for a company like Patagonia. The outdoor gear and clothing company is as an innovator in environmental practices. They have led revolutionary efforts in developing more environmentally friendly water proofing technology and sustainable and ethical supply chain management.

Most recently, the company has sued the President Trump administration regarding public land issues. However, Plamondon, a senior at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, thought it would be a good idea to round out her business chops by first working as a finance intern at Capital One, which she spent ten weeks doing this past summer.

It was clear early on at Michigan Ross that networking was important and Plamondon says that went beyond just landing a coveted internship.

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Plamondon says she was first drawn to Capital One because it seemed unusual for a bank to brand themselves as a tech company and having a non-hierarchical structure. After a minute case interview on campus, Plamondon says she was invited to an onsite interview in Richmond, Virginia, where everything was paid for by the firm. There, she took part in three interviews including case and behavioral questions. Just three days later, she received the internship offer and accepted it.

Her days usually began at about 9 a. Outside of work, Plamondon says the firm also organized a three-day trip to Disney World with all the interns, where they got to build stronger relationships and know one another better. The experience has already paid off. Plamondon says she has re-interviewed for a business analyst role and has locked in an offer. She has also received another full-time offer for a position with a consulting company, but has yet to decide as both options feel equally enticing.

While she is not certain where she may be or what she could be doing in five years, the Japanese-language speaker, also the President of the Japan Student Association at her university, says she would like to be working on her masters degree, whether an MBA or in another area.

The go-getter added that working abroad or with a startup is a possibility as well. The other skill she says she has developed is the wisdom to know how to make use of the resources people around have for her. Stay informed. Sign Up! Toggle navigation. Today's Featured Schools.

Stay Informed. From the Archives View More.Here's the announcement about a special offer - learn more here. Let's start with the elephant in the room. Capital One is a bank, NOT a consulting firm.

The good news is, that with the right preparation, succeeding at a Capital One case interview is actually pretty straightforward. In this post, we've put together the ultimate list of facts and tips you'll need to maximise your chances of success. Capital One is unique. The business was initially only focused on credit cards but now include the following 3 verticals:.

The company's success has been driven largely by it's clever use of data. They've developed sophisticated strategies for identifying and directly marketing to profitable customers. This has created a competitive advantage vs. Although Capital One is a top player in the banking industry, their unusual history and technology focus, has created a unique culture.

It has more of a "tech firm" feel, than you'd expect from a giant financial institution. Another notable area where Capital One is different from their peers, is in their interview process. The type of work and the nature of the interview you can expect at Capital One varies across group and role.

Capital One Business Analyst Upcoming Interview

They hire for roles ranging from call center reps, to software developers and business analysts. The focus of this article, is the interview process for Capital One business analyst, financial analyst, operations analyst, and data analyst positions. The recruiter will be looking for specific things on your application, including problem solving and leadership skills.

You'll need to pass to make it through to the interviews. Be ready to hit the ground running in this interview, because they get straight to the case.

Don't expect much "getting to know you" discussion during this interview. Depending on the circumstances, this first interview could be held in-person or on a phone or video call.I've got offers from these two places, since I didn't get in the game early enough to shoot for MBB or even Deloitteand was curious where they rank and the kind of respect they get.

The salaries seem to be competitive, but curious about name recognition and future opportunities from these places. Interview business analyst preparation available.

I would probably pick BoA because of the name and opportunity to network from within the company.

capital one business analyst interview reddit

Capital One makes me thing of credit card or whatever. BoA makes me think of a bank.

capital one business analyst interview reddit

Which one pays more? They both pay around 65k, with 10k signing bonus. Capital One has a pretty respected business analyst program.

I hear it positions people well for top business schools. I'm not aware of any undergraduate programs for Capital One in D.

Is this typical?? WSO depends on everyone being able to pitch in when they know something. Join Us. Already a member?

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Investment Banking Interview Brainteasers. Are the business analysts based out of Richmond or D. Hedge Fund Interviews.

This particular offer would be in Plano, TX. HF Interview Questions. Investment Banking Interview Questions and Answers. Where can this job lead too? And BA for B of A doing what kind of work?

Best Modeling Courses - Finance Training. Hedge Fund Interview Questions.I'm assuming the exit opportunities don't stack up to MBB or other more sought after finance and consulting jobsbut thats really based on nothing.

If you intern with them they do 20k signing bonus. But I hear that your compensation slightly goes down your second year. So maybe there's not much salary growth or exit ops? Because 95k for 50 hour weeks are pretty attractive. Went through recruiting with them and visited their McLean, VA. Also have friends who SA'ed and accepted full-time. Downsides: 1 Worse exit opps: from what I could tell, most people go to other financial services companies or go to business school.

They do have classes, mentors, etc. Of course, there's politics at consulting firms as well, but it seemed much worse at COF and any other F Which is why I think it's worse than at MBB. You're guaranteed access to one of the best PD resources out there--in fact you have no choice but to take it seriously. But the way I was told a few years back, nonethelessit was "on a case by case basis" without "a structured sponsorship program" for full time. Which I translated as "we really don't.

However, that's a one-off payment. I'm guessing 3 years total compensation from MBB will still be higher. B-school sponsorship is another big issue to consider. I think compensation is on par with MBBbut the work itself is not as interesting. For the most part you will be liaising with IT teams doing planning out the implementation They try to sell themselves as being a strategy gig, which it really isn't, but hey you can sell that story to B-school.

It appears that graduates of the business analyst program do have good business school placement. It's a pretty good gig, but nothing compared to MBB consulting. Source: I have a parent who works there and know about 20 employees from analyst to VP in various divisions.

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I was told this program was worth pursuing as well, if anyone has anything to add to what pnb please do. What tier consulting firm is an offer from COF comparable to? Totally personal decision. No one is going to lay anything out for you. Its a personal choice. Agreed that it's mainly a personal preference. I would personally take any tier 2 consulting firm over COF i. It'd be a tough call if it were COF vs. ACN Strategy or something along those lines.

There are definitely some very talented kids at COF but on average I'd say the classes at consulting firms are a little more impressive. B-school placement was solid from what I heard.

The big downside was that they didn't have as much support for career development.Find jobs Company reviews Find salaries. Upload your resume. Sign in. Job Title. Interview experience. Interview difficulty. Interview process length.

Interview process at Capital One Overview experience. About two weeks. Most reported steps. Least reported steps. What candidates say about the interview process at Capital One. For the work from home position, I filled out the application, got an email to do a recorded interview video about weeks later. After the recorded interview 1 week later received an email from rec….

It was so long ago I don't really remember - I know I was at a job fair and then called for a personal interview. Read more about the interview process at Capital One. Interview questions at Capital One Commonly asked questions, as reported by candidates. Where do you see your self in 5 years? Why do you want to work for Center Partners?

AM I a team player, Flexicble with work timings! Behavioral and Situational. Shared on May 31, - Sr. Read more interview questions at Capital One.

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